Club2Class Knowledge Base

Create a Rating System

You can create a new empty rating system.

Enter a name for your new rating system, first give it a name and click the create button.

This will create a new empty rating system that is associated with your club. The newly created rating system can only be viewed and edited by your club administrators although the ratings used will be visible in any scored race series results.

After creating a new rating system it will appear in the list with any other rating systems your club has created and the system wide ratings systems that are curated by Club2Class. You will also be able to use your new rating system in any of your club's race series.

important: Your newly created rating system is empty. To add ratings to this system do so for each boat class that you require a rating for. Alternativley consider uploading a file of boat class ratings.

For more information on Rating Systems please visit this knowledge base article.