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Club Admin - Getting Started

Getting Started - Understanding Club Structure

A club in Club2Class can be thought of as a collection of classes and special events.

Classes are collections of similar boats that race regularly at the club.

For example, you may have a class called "Fast Catamaran Class" that might include boats of boat classes "F18", "HURRICANE" and "TORNADO". This would be an example of a handicap class.

However, you may also have a class such as "RS800 Class" that might contain boats of a single boat class, in this case "RS 800". This would be an example of a one design class.

Special events are additional containers within a club. They are a collection of classes that can be defined specifically for a special event. In this way occasions such as an open event or club regatta can be separated and differentiated from regular club activity.

For example, special events can be used for national events with participants coming from different clubs (e.g. RS200 Nationals held at Itchenor Sailing Club), or for club regattas which have multiple different race series for different classes running simultaneously. In addition, special events have their own home page where social media and publicity for the event can be displayed and easily accessed by anyone, from anywhere.

Getting Started - Defining Your Club's Structure

  1. One of your first tasks as a new club admin will be to add classes to your club. To do this, go to your Club Admin Tools and select the Class Management Dashboard () from the Class Tools () section. Click on the add class command to get started ( add class). You can find more information on adding classes in the ? help section on that page, or you can click here.

  2. As soon as you have created a class you are ready to create race series, race results and use our scoring software. You can start managing results for a class from the Class Management Dashboard, by clicking on the manage class race results icon (). However, to add information such as competitor names etc you may wish to add more detail to your class such as defining a class's boats and members. Again, you can do this via the Class Management Dashboard.

  3. To manage boats within a class click on the manage boat icon () from your Class Management Dashboard. Here you can define the current set of boats in that class and any competitor information associated with them. For example you may wish to (optionally) enter helm or crew details as well as sail numbers and boat class etc. This competitor information can be used in race results whenever a race series for this class is scored. You can find more information on adding boats here.

  4. To manage members of a class click on the manage members () icon from your Class Management Dashboard. Here you can define a list of members belonging to a class and associate them with boats in that class. Member detail can be used to help team up members to go racing and can also be used as default competitor information for results if there is no information defined at the boat level. You can find more information on members data by clicking here.

  5. Finally you may also wish to populate a calendar of events for the class. This will allow automated emails to be sent to match crews and helms for events and maximise turnout. To manage class calendars click on the manage class calendar icon () from your Class Management Dashboard. You can find more information on managing class calendars here.

Congratulations! If you have read this far then you have very likley set up the first class for your club. Now add more classes until you are happy with your club definition.

Getting Started - Delegating Authority

As a club administrator you may wish to allow others to help in the administration of tasks and share your workload, especially at the class level. Most classes typically have a Class Captain responsible for managing the class calendar, boats, members, events, communications and (sometimes) results.

You can delegate authority to manage specific classes to Class Captains, or other designated persons, from your Club Admin Tools. Go to the Class Tools () section, select Class Management Dashboard (), choose the relevant class and click on the Manage Class Administrator icon () from the respecitve options.

You can also delegate Club Administrator functions from within Club Admin Tools. To do this select the Manage Club Administrators icon () in the Club Tools section ().

Please note however that club administrators can perform many functions within Club2Class and so when you are thinking about assigning responsibility to another user you should bear this in mind. Permissions include:

Getting Started - Special Events

Special Events can be created for regattas, open events or any racing that falls outside normal club racing. To add a special event, go to the Special Event Management Dashboard () which can be found in your Club Admin Tools under Special Event Tools ()