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Private Classes Overview

Private Classes

A club administrator can add classes to his club or a special event at his club from the class and special event dashboards available in their club management tools.

Any class added within Club2Class can be marked as private by a Club Administrator. A private class is controlled by a Club or Class Administrator. Other Club2Class users cannot add themselves or their boats to a private class unless they have already been added to that class by an administrator. Class members and boats must be managed by a Club or Class Administrator.

Calendar event details are not visible for private classes unless a user is logged into Club2Class and has already been added as a member of the class by a Club or Class administrator. Similarly only members of a private class can respond to team up opportunities for an event via Club2Class.

Finally, private classes show no personally identifiable information in race results or boat lists unless a user is logged in to Club2Class and a member of that class.