Club2Class Knowledge Base

Events & Crew Matching


Club2Class streamlines key processes including emailing Class Members regarding upcoming events, collating responses, tracking participation and managing crew matching.

There are a some key aspects of a Class that help control and optimise these processes.

Setting up an Event in a Class Calendar

When adding an event to a Class Calendar you can specify that an email be automatically sent to class members regarding the event.

When adding the event be mindful that the event details can be used in an automatic email. It is good practice to provide a unique and specific event name. This is included in the subject of event emails and in the email body and will help people understand which event/race you are referring to. For example, "Summer Series Day 1". You may wish to use the event details of a calendar entry to supply tide or any other relevant information etc. Any automatic email will include your Club and Class inofrmation as well as timings so you don't need to include this information in the name of your event.

Understanding Event Types

There are currently 4 different event types available. Custom event types can be added. If you would like to talk to us about custom event types please contact

The four event types are...

Each event type has pre-defined response commands that populate automatically in the event emails. For example, the commands for social events (e.g. "Sorry I can't make it", "I am coming + guest") are different to those for Sailboat racing and Social sailing (e.g. "I can sail", "I need a helm") and Sailboat training (e.g. "I can do training").

By specifying the correct event type any event emails sent will format correctly and responses will be collated appropriately.

Class Members and Boats

Event emails will be sent to all of your class members that have consented to receive emails from Club2Class and have not unsubscribed from your Class.

By managing the association of members and boats (or letting Club2Class users do this themselves) your event emails will automatically tailor themselves when used for sailing events.

For example, if you associate a class member with a boat (or a Club2Class user has added themselves and their boat to your class) then the email they receive regarding a sailing event will include questions asking if they are intending to sail or if they require crew.

Conversely, if a class member is not associated with a boat (or a Club2Class user has added themselves to your class without a boat) then the email they will receive will include questions asking if they are available to crew.

Impact of Boat Class

Every boat added to a Class in Club2Class must have a Boat Class specified. For example, LASER or RS 800. A large number of popular Boat Classes are centrally curated in Club2Class for the purpose of maintaining centrally curated ratings information. A Boat Class will include information on number of crew required. This information is also usede in event emails. For example, a class member associated with a single handed LASER need not be asked if they require a crew. If your club sail boats with a Boat Class not in Club2Class then Club Admins can add their own club specific Boat Class. If you think a Boat Class should be centrally curated by Club2Class but is missing please contact