Club2Class Knowledge Base

Event Emails

Class administrators can use Club2Class to send emails to their class members, including:

Automated and custom emails are specific to an event and contain response buttons that are designed to track participation and help with crew matching.

All event responses are collated by Club2Class and can be found in the Class Calendar via the responses box ().

Automated emails

When you create an event, you have the option to send automated emails to your class members about that event a set number of days prior (as specified by you).

Automated emails are designed to make the role of Class Admin easier and to help encourage participation.

Custom emails

Sometimes it makes sense to send a short reminder email to your class a couple of days before an event or (if you have not set up an event for automated emails) some time before an event.

Custom emails can be created by clicking on the email icon () in the Manage Class Calendar section.

To learn more about how different event types affect event emails please visit this knowledge base article.

To learn more about custom event emails please visit this knowledge base article.