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Manage Class Boats


Both Club and Class administrators can manage the boats that belong to a class

Club administrators can manage boat data for Classes in their Club or their Club's Special Events from the Class Management Dashboard and Special Event Management Dashboard found in their Club Administrator Tools.

Class administrators can manage the boats in a Class directly from their Class Administrator Tools.

When you add (or edit) a boat to (or in) a Class you can provide data that can be used to decorate class race results with competitor information. You can also override ratings information for that boat. Override ratings will be used for all race result calculations in this class for boats matching the boat class and sail number.

Club2Class Users (sailors) can also add their boats to a Class. In this way you can let Club2Class Users maintain their own boat information instead of Club or Class admins. When you define a race series for a Class you can choose to decorate the results for a boat with competitor information from boats defined by Club or Class Admins, by Club2Class Users or a combination of the two.

Club2Class Users can only maintain boat data including Boat Class, sail number, boat name and any competitor data. Club and Class admins can control all data for boats that they have added and race related data such as categories and override ratings for boats added by Club2Class Users.

If a boat has its ratings information overridden at a Class level it will be highlighted in amber in the table of boats. The overridden ratings information will be used when calculating elapsed times for any results for the boat for race series in this Class.

For more information on how boat data is used in race results please visit this knowledge base article.

When boats are associated with Class members (or Club2Class Users have added themselves and their boat to a Class) then that boat data can also be used in event emails for crew matching purposes. To learn more on how boat data is used in event emails please visit this knowledge base article.

Overall Boat Management

You can use the links at the top of the page to do the following.

add boat - Add a boat to your Class. You can associate this boat with a Class member for crew matching purposes and define competitor and override ratings information for any results for this boat in this class.

download boats - Download a list of boats. The list will be in a format that you can easily edit and upload again.

upload boats - upload a list of boats to this class. This can be useful when initialising a new class or uploading boat data for a class within a Special Event. Any existing boats that are also in the upload file will be updated.

print boats - Print a list of boats. If the list of boats is filtered for 'all boats', 'class boats' or 'user boats' then only the filtered boats will be shown in the print preview.

print recording sheet - Print a list of boats with space to record up to 6 lap times and a finish time. The list of boats is constrained to distinct Boat Class and Sail Numbers. In this way boats defined by both Class Admins or Club2Class Users are listed but not duplicated.

print tally sheet - Print a list of boats with space to record tallying in and tallying out for each boat. Only boats with tally numbers defined are shown.

delete class boats - Deletes all boats that have been added to this class by Class or Club Admins. This can be useful if you wish to re-initialise the boat data for a class.

Boat List

You can view and search a paginated list of boats in your Class. You can filter the list for boats added by Club or Class admins, Club2Class Users or view all boats. By default we display those boats added by admins. You can also search the list of boats by entering a search term in the search boats input box.

You can also sort the list of boats by clicking on the column header that you wish to sort by. Repeatedly clicking on a column header will cycle through different sorting methods.

For each boat listed there are several actions available to Club and Class admins.

Clicking allows you to edit its detail. If the boat was added and is owned by a Club or Class admin you will be able to edit all the boat details. If the boat was added and is owned by a Club2Class User you will only be able to edit details associated with race management and results calculation.

Clicking allows you to view a boat's detail and any associated class members.

Clicking deletes the boat from this class and removes its association from any Class members for crew matching purposes. Any competitor data from this boat used in race results will remain until the race series using that data is scored again.