Club2Class Knowledge Base

Upload Boats


Club or Class administrators can upload boat data for a Class within a Club or a Special Event.

Club administrators can manage Class and Special Event Class boat data from the Class Management Dashboard and Special Event Management Dashboard found in their Club Administrator Tools.

Class administrators can manage boats in a Class directly from their Class Administrator Tools.

To upload boats you will need to create a comma separated value (.csv) file including boat details.

When creating the file, it is important to include the correct headings to ensure the data matches with the correct fields in Club2Class. You can find more information on this below.

Creating the .csv File

Your .csv file should have a header row, a series of columns (required and optional) and corresponding data values, such as the below.

Sail Number Boat Class Boat Name Country Entrants
1234 LASER Boat Name United Kingdom Entrants Information

This is an example subset of the available columns you can use. For an exhaustive list please download and edit the example .csv file.

Required Columns and Content

Your headers row MUST contain the following comma separated column names.

Field Optional Description
Sail Number No Used to uniquely identify a boat within its Class in conjunction with a boat's Boat Class.
Boat Class No Used in scoring algorithms to apply ratings specific to the Boat Class and Rating System in use by the race series. Also used in crew matching functions to determine the number of crew required for this boat.

The combination of Sail Number and Boat Class must be unique.

A list of all valid Boat Class values for your club is available in the example template on the upload page. Boat Class data is case sensitive (e.g. type LASER instead of laser or Laser).

In addition, a list of all valid values for the Country field is included in example file.