Club2Class Knowledge Base

Add a New Class Member

Club and class administrators can invite people to become a class member via email.

Club adminstrators can manage member data for classes in their club or their club's special events from the Class Management Dashboard and Special Event Management Dashboard found in their Club Administrator Tools.

Class adminstrators can manage the members in a class directly from their Class Administrator Tools.

To recieve automated emails from Club2Class regarding a class and its activity you must be a member of that class. Club or class administrators can invite people to become a member of a class. The invitee must consent to recieve emails from Club2Class after being invited.

Alternatively, anyone that registers at Club2Class can opt in to being a class member by deciding to follow that class.

When an administrator invites a person to be class member they can choose to associate that member with a class boat. If a class member is associated with a boat any event emails they recieve will be tailored to account for their boat crewing needs. Alternatively, any class member not associated with a boat is assumed to be available as a crew and will recieve a slightly different event email.

To associate a class member with a boat you can choose from the class boats available in the drop down list. You can add a new boat by clicking next to the boat list. After adding a new class boat you will be redirected to this page where your boat will now be available in the drop down list.

For more information on managing class boats please visist this knowledge base article.