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Edit classes

Club adminstrators can edit classes for their club, or a special event within their club, from the Class Management Dashboard and Special Event Management Dashboard found in their Club Administrator Tools.

Fields available to edit:

Field Details
Class Name1 Describes the class specific to club or special event within a club e.g. Medium Handicap Class, Ladies Keelboat Class, International 14 World Championship Class, RS 800 Class
URL Include if a website specific to the class or special event is available; if no website you can include your club website here.
Facebook URL Include if a Facebook page (not group) is available for a specific class.
Twitter URL Include if a Twitter page is available for a specific class.
Private You can mark any class as private. Members of private classes can only be added and managed by administrators. Non private classes can be joined by Club2Class users. Those users can then maintain their own information and boat details.For more information on private classes please visit this knowledge base article.

Note 1: When creating a class inside a special event consider that the class name will often be qualified by the special event name. For example, a special event may be named "International 14 World Championship". In this event there may be team and individual racing. Two classes could be created called "Team Racing" and "Individual Racing" within the special event. Now when viewing results or calendars for the classes the class name will be qualified by the special event. For example, "International 14 World Championship Individual Racing..."

A reminder about classes

A class is a collection of boats, members, calendar events and results. A class may contain boats of one or more boat classes.

A class can be created at a club level or within a special event. Classes created at club level can be used for regular club activity. Special events can be created within a club and classes can be added to them also.

important: A class is distinct from a boat class in Club2Class.