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Create a Boat Class

Club administrators can use this tool to create new boat classes for their club

To create a new boat class navigate to your Club Administrator Tools and choose Manage Boat Classes from the Rating Systems Management section. This will show a list of boat classes. Click on for any boat class to edit and view a list of all ratings for that boat class. Click on add boat class to add a new boat class.

Boat class information is used in crew matching emails, rating systems and scoring algorithms.

A list of popular boat classes is maintained and curated by Club2Class (top tip: check first as this may save you time). However, you can also create a new boat class specific to your club.

The below table outlines information required when creating a new boat class and what it is used for in Club2Class.

Field Description
Boat Class The name of the class of boat.
Type Specifies if the boat is a dinghy, keelboat, etc.
Crew Specifies total number of crew members per boat (including helm). This is important for creating crew matching emails and responses.
Rig Specifies type of Rig (optional).
Spinnaker Specifies type of spinnaker (optional). For example, asymmetric or symmetric (optional).

Once you have created a new boat class it will appear in the list on the Mange Boat Classes page together with any system wide boat classes curated by Club2Class.

You can edit the boat class and add it to different rating systems by clicking on the symbol.

To learn more about adding a rating system entry for a particular boat class please refer to this knowledge base article

To learn more about how a boat class information affects crew matching emails please refer to this knowledge base article