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Managing Rating Systems

Handicap racing is a form of racing where boats of different speeds race each other. The time taken for boats to complete a course is adjusted by means of an equilaztion factor. The adjusted times are ranked to determine the final finishing positions.

The eqalization factor applied to a boat's racing time is often referred to as a rating. A rating system is a collection of ratings for a number of different boat classes.

Club2Class curates some popular rating systems, for example the Portsmouth Yardstick System(PY) published by the UK's RYA. These are available for your club to use for club racing.

Club Administrators can also create and use their own ratings systems. Using the upload and download tools we provide you can easily download existing rating systems for editing and upload to a new rating system. You can also edit individual ratings within a system.

To add a new empty rating system click add rating system. Once created the new rating system will then appear on the list alongside the other ratings systems.

The list displays all rating systems that have been created for your club and any system wide rating systems that are curated by Club2Class. Curated rating systems will have some read-only aspects. For example you cannot delete, edit or upload to them. However, you can clone the curated systems and download them.

To clone a rating system click on . The rating system will be copied into a new ratings system for your club. You can then download, edit and upload as you need.

To download a rating system including all of the boat classes that have a rating within this system click . The rating system information will be downloaded as a file of comma separated values (csv).

After downloading a rating system you may edit the csv file produced and upload again. To upload a ratings sytem csv file click on for the rating system you wish to upload to.

To edit a rating system click on . This will allow you to edit the name of the rating system and is often used after cloing another system to change the name to a more meaningful value.

To learn more about Rating Systems please visit this knowledge base article.